If you are coming to Warsaw as an Erasmus student, you might worry about where you are going to live. Since there are a lot of students that have difficulties finding an accommodation themselves, we talked with … from Pepe Housing for you! Pepe Housing is an organisation that tries to bring you in contact with landlords more open minded to foreign students that are only coming to Warsaw for a short period of time. We talked with Natalia, the marketing specialist of PepeHousing, and she gave us information about the problems you might encounter in your search for a place to live.

“Finding an accommodation in Poland can be quite problematic”

foto-1 It can be hard for foreign students to find an accommodation in Warsaw. This is, for one, because of the language barrier. Older people often do not speak English and most offers on the Internet are in Polish. Furthermore, landlords tend to be not so open to renting their apartment to foreign students and they prefer long-term rental to short-term rental.

“Poland has become a real popular destination for students.”

According to Natalia, you should start your search for an accommodation at least two months in advance. It takes time to contact the landlords and the periods of renting are sometimes already set. If you want an apartment that meets your expectations, you should start the search two moths before coming to Warsaw. You can also start two weeks upon arrival, but don’t be disappointed and surprised when you do not find what you are looking for.

“Right now, in November, we already have bookings for February”

But are organisations like this really necessary for students to find accommodations? From Natalia own experiences, it can be really hard. Someone that is in the middle of the process and can help in contacting landlords is very helpful. Especially in Central Europe, Natalia thinks, organisations like Pepe Housing can make it a lot easier to find your new home!

Check the PepeHousing website here:


Authors: Jana Kerssies (text) and Bruna Gomes (photos and infographic)


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